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Seven Bachelorette Games To Get Your Party Started

Written by
Elle Gennis
Published on
February 2, 2024

You’re getting hitched so you can stop playing games but who says you can’t have a bit of fun in the days leading up to matrimony. We’ve put together a list of seven playful activities, friendly competitions, and group challenges to help your bach crew loosen up and kickstart your last hurrah! 

1. Fiancé Face Off: The Ultimate Love Challenge

Put the bride-to-be’s knowledge of her fiance to the test in this funny, and undoubtedly heartwarming, challenge. 

Here's how it works:

Before the party, the maid-of-honor or bach party planner should send a list of questions to the bride’s fiance, from heartfelt to amusing to even daring. Then ask the fiance to record their answers. At the time of the party, the bride will be given the same set of questions and attempt to predict her partner’s answers. Once she has made her guess, play the recording to reveal whether their answers match! 

Turn the game up a notch: 

Make this game a drinking one— have the group drink when the bride guesses the answer correctly and the bride drinks if the answer is wrong!

2. Bach Tournament: Unleash the Competitive Spirits

Ignite some friendly competition between your guests with a Bach Tournament. 

Here’s how it works: 

Divide your guests into two teams, and let the games begin. See our Bach Tournament game sheet here for a premade series of wild challenges and entertaining competitions. It’s the ultimate icebreaker, especially if you’re blending different friend circles where not everyone’s been introduced yet! 

3. Bach Jeopardy: Bride’s BFF Showdown

Let’s find out who the ultimate BFFs are with a tailor-made Jeopardy game designed to put the guests' knowledge of the bride-to-be to the test!

Here’s how it works: 

Harness the power of Jeopardy Labs to craft a bachelorette-themed quiz, complete with categories ranging from inside jokes with the bride to cheeky challenges. Watch as the partygoers take turns flaunting just how well they know the bride. Who knows? There might even be a surprise passing of the maid-of-honor torch. 

4. Bachelorette Jenga: Truth or Dare Edition

This is not your Grandmother’s game of Jenga. Turn the heat up a notch with Bachelorette Jenga. 

Here’s how it works:

Before the party, customize your Jenga blocks with funny dares, questions, and challenges using a Sharpie. Add things like "Take a group shot," "Text the last person you called saying...," or "Never have I ever..." As each player pulls a block from the Jenga tower, they must follow the instructions written on the block they’ve pulled. But beware, the fate of the tower (and maybe even the bride’s relationship) hangs in the balance!

5. Higher or Lower?: Card Game with a Twist

This card game requires minimal preparation, is straightforward to follow, and is guaranteed to get everyone in the mood to party— making it the perfect choice for a late-night activity. 

Here’s how it works: 

Pair up, grab a playing card from the deck, lick the back (for adhesion), and stick it onto your forehead without peeking. Then, the showdown begins. Make your best guess as to whether the card on your forehead ranks higher or lower than your opponent's. Get it right, and you stay in the game; miss, and it's time to take a shot.

6. Ring Hunt: The Bling Fling

Let’s be honest here, while everyone claims to be thrilled for the bride, deep down, they’re secretly harboring dreams of having a diamond ring of their own. Well, today might just be their lucky day.

Here’s how it works: 

Transform your venue into a treasure trove by hiding rings (candy, plastic, whatever) throughout the space. Guests must race to find as many rings as possible but here's the twist: if anyone slips up and says "bride," "wedding," or "married," another player can pilfer a ring from them. The guest with the most bling at the end claims a treasure-worthy prize.

7. Bach Personality Gift: Unwrap the Mystery

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you get to leave your girl group behind, it’s time that the night’s VIP gets a little test of her own. 

Here’s how it works: 

Each party guest should bring a gift (under $10) that embodies their own unique personality (not the bride's). Then the bride will take on the challenge of guessing who brought each gift as she opens them. A correct guess earns a celebratory shot, while an incorrect one… still calls for a shot. 

Turn the game up a notch:

Keep the gift-givers anonymous until the end for an added dose of suspense.

Now let the games begin, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram when you put any of our Bachelorette Party Game Ideas into action! 

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