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A bachelorette is all about the bride - who she is, what she likes to do, eat, see - but planning the weekend is always is so hard! 

With BachPlace you can plan a bachelorette that is completely curated to the bride’s vibe - stress free.

Is she the life of the party
a low-key beach goer,
or a hardcore adventure seeker?

For any type of bride, we’ve got you covered

Use our “Vibe” guide to get bachelorette ideas for activities, dining and accommodation!

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Party Balloons
We’re in the process of creating an interactive platform to fully automate (and simplify) the bachelorette planning process.​

But in the meantime we are offering our concierge services for free!​

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Let us provide you with curated recommendations of
where to stay, what to do and where to eat!

At BachPlace, we personally vet every restaurant, spa, private chef and experience before offering them to our clients.

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