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Bachelorette Bash Budgeting: 5 Best Practices For Planning a Memorable (And Wallet-friendly) Bach Party

Written by
Elle Gennis
Published on
February 2, 2024

When planning a bachelorette party, it's crucial to strike the right balance between creating unforgettable memories and staying within a reasonable budget. At BachPlace, we have all the tools you need to help ensure that your bachelorette bash is not only a blast but also wallet-friendly!

Follow our guide for the best tips and tricks when it comes to budgeting and financing the perfect celebration.

1. Establish a Realistic Budget

Before the fun part of planning can really begin, it’s important to set a clear and realistic budget for the occasion. Check in with the bride, bridesmaid, and other party attendees to make sure you are aware of their financial capabilities before you begin the planning process. This first step will help guide your planning and help avoid overspending, making for the ultimate budget-friendly celebration.

2. Prioritize Must-Haves

Priorities, priorities, priorities. If you’re on a strict budget, you’ll want to ask your bride if there are any non-negotiable must-haves and go from there. This might include a specific accommodation, transportation, activity, party favor, or theme. Prioritize the must-haves in your budget to ensure that the core components of the celebration are taken care of first.

3. Get Those Group Discounts

Everyone knows that if the discount is good enough, it’s practically like you’re making money. Girl Math! Duh! Use the BachPlace planning tool to leverage the power of group discounts when booking accommodations, transportation, or activities. Many of our vendors offer special rates for larger groups. Book through BachPlace to ensure you’re always getting the best deal possible. 

4. Do It Yourself!

Get out the glue and paint brushes cause we’re getting crafty! Save money by crafting DIY bachelorette party decor and party favors. Don’t worry if it looks like a Pinterest fail at first, it’s the thought that counts. Cut costs on pre-packaged decor (that’s probably overdone anyway), by adding a personal and unique touch to the celebration. 

5. Bring In the Fun

Save big bucks by opting for “at-home,” or rather “at-hotel/Airbnb,” experiences. Rather than opting for traditional catering, consider alternative approaches like a potluck-style gathering. This can significantly reduce food and drink expenses while still providing a variety of options for everyone. We also love the idea of hosting a DIY spa day instead of splurging on an expensive spa retreat. Bring the pampering to you, collaborate with local beauty experts, or tap into your group's inner-beauty-school-drop-out to create a spa-like atmosphere with facemasks, mani-pedis, and relaxing massages.

Cheers to planning an iconic bachelorette party without breaking the bank (or your spirits)!

Feeling inspired yet? Start planning the ultimate bachelorette party here!

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