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5 Must-Know Tips for Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Written by
Noy Leyb
Published on
February 2, 2024

If you’re reading this, your bestie has probably asked you to plan her bachelorette party. Congrats! You’ve been entrusted with the opportunity to throw an unforgettable bash for the bride-to-be.

If your initial reaction was a mixture of “heck yes” and “oh no,” you’re not alone. Between creating an itinerary, coordinating schedules and sending Venmo requests, the logistics of planning a bachelorette weekend are enough to make anyone’s head spin.

But don’t stress. You can totally pull this off. Our expert planners have put together their top five tips for having a drama-free, stress-free and hangover-free bachelorette weekend.

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

Photo of a glass of water being poured by a pool, with a bowl of watermelon slices.

It may sound like a given, but proper hydration is essential for combating hangovers and staying energized for the weekend’s activities — especially if you’re traveling somewhere warm. Scottsdale and Miami, for example, are known for their intense summer heat.

No one wants to stay behind because they’re feeling dehydrated or have had one too many tequila sodas. Stock the fridge with a variety of your squad's favorite beverages, and encourage everyone to drink up throughout the day.

BachPlace Pro Tip: Powdered Gatorade and Liquid I.V. packets are easy to travel with and perfect for buying in bulk. Include a few in your welcome bags (one packet per person per day should do the trick!) along with a cute, reusable water bottle.

Tip #2: Choose the Least Common Denominator

Photo of lots of snacks and chips.

Having enough food to accommodate everyone’s preferences is key for a successful weekend. But you may only know some of the party guests personally, so you may not know everyone's allergies or dietary restrictions.

Always ask the bride-to-be and your guests for input on the grocery list. A good rule of thumb is to err on the side of caution and stick with the least common denominator. Some of our favorite snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free:

  1. MadeGood Healthy Snacks Variety Pack
  2. SmartSweets Variety Pack
  3. Partake Cookies
  4. Blake’s Seed-Based Crispy Treats

BachPlace Pro Tip: When it comes to food, it’s always better to over-prepare in the event you don’t stick to your itinerary. No one likes a hangry party guest!

Tip #3: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Photo of a bach party's itinerary on a printed brochure.

Nothing is worse than thinking you know where you're going, only to arrive in the wrong neighborhood. And to make matters worse, the impatient Uber driver kindly asks you to leave. Yes, it happens — more often than you might think!

Make this the least of your worries by sending your guests an organized list of any other information they might need ahead of time, like relevant addresses, location pins and the Airbnb key code. This will save you a major headache (and from being blamed if anything goes wrong).

BachPlace Pro Tip: Planners using BachPlace receive a list of information they can easily share with the entire group. We’ve got you covered!

Tip #4: Build Breaks Into Your Itinerary

Photo of bachelorettes taking a self-care break.

Your guests have eagerly awaited the bachelorette party for months. PTO requests were approved, new outfits were purchased, and everyone is ready for the ultimate girls’ trip to commence.

Although everyone comes in with full energy, most of us don’t have the stamina to go hard all the time (except for that one girl who’s a pro at rallying, but she’s the exception). Schedule enough downtime between activities to spread that energy throughout the weekend. Whether or not your itinerary is jam-packed with activities, a little break to decompress, look at photos and scroll through TikTok will go a long way.

BachPlace Pro Tip: The best way to plan is by breaking up the weekend into different “blocks” of time. This will help you decide the best times to take breaks.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget the Tape

You’ve hand-picked the most fabulous decorations to fit the bachelorette party theme. The last thing you want is to find yourself missing the right supplies to set them up.

Essentials like tape and a balloon pump can make all the difference in creating a picture-perfect atmosphere. Tape will help you securely hang banners, streamers and signs, ensuring they stay in place throughout the celebration. And a balloon pump is a lifesaver, making it a breeze to inflate balloons quickly. With these tools on hand, you’ll be ready to transform any space and tackle any decor challenge.

BachPlace Pro Tip: Arrive a few hours early to ensure you have enough time to decorate and iron out any last-minute details before the guests arrive.

Everything will work out in the end, but do expect to have a small hiccup or two along the way. Remember: You deserve to have just as much fun as everyone else (it is a party, after all!). And if you need an extra set of hands, we’re here to help with all your bachelorette planning needs.

PS. Making changes to your weekend plans on your phone can be tricky, and no one wants to bring a laptop to a bachelorette party. We found that that iPad Mini is the perfect compromise — small enough to fit in your purse and large enough to make navigating service-provider sites a breeze.

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