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Bachelorette Party Dos and Don'ts (As Seen on Vanderpump Rules)

Written by
Elle Gennis
Published on
February 2, 2024

We're not afraid to admit it: we watch Vanderpump Rules. Yep, we're talking about the kind of TV that's definitely not winning any awards, but somehow keeps us glued to the screen. There's just something strangely addictive about the drama-filled antics of Stassi and Jax—it's like a guilty pleasure escape from our everyday lives and we can’t get enough. Plus let's be real, isn’t it fun to collectively shake our heads and roll our eyes at the screen whenever Tom Sandoval starts monologuing? 

But amidst the 11 seasons of chaos and questionable life choices, the Vanderpump crew has actually taught us a thing or two. It's like a crash course in what to do (and more importantly, what NOT to do) when it comes to planning and attending a bachelorette party.

So let's break down our list of Bachelorette Party Do’s and Don’ts, inspired by the whirlwind bachelorette parties of Vanderpump Rules. 

DO Embrace Matching Accessories: 

We know Scheana might not be the ultimate fashion icon, but she did get one thing right: matching accessories. Take a page from her book and get your squad decked out in matching gear. Whether it's personalized sweatsuits, coordinating tote bags, or cowboy hats, or go all out like Schwartz and his crew with identical shirts featuring his face, matching accessories set the tone for an unforgettable weekend.

DON’T Forget To Keep It Fun: 

The Vanderpump Crew loves to play games (with each other’s hearts mostly, but that’s beside the point). Inject some fun into your weekend with lighthearted games and playful party favors. Whether it's a toilet paper wedding dress competition à la Scheana's bash or a cucumber carving contest that would make Lisa blush, keeping it playful is key. Click here for our BachPlace Games Template.

DO Check-In With Your Relationship: 

Before the party kicks off, it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about boundaries and expectations for the weekend. Trust us (and take it from Katie), a little communication upfront can save you a whole lot of drama down the line.

DON’T Neglect the Party Favors: 

Okay, so maybe penis straws and confetti are a bit cliché, but hey, they set the mood! Don't underestimate the power of party favors to elevate the bachelorette experience. Take a cue from Scheana (who's not exactly known for her subtlety) and go all out with the little details.

DO Dress Up: 

Channel your inner Tom and Tom with some drag attire or rock your tackiest wedding dresses like Brittany and her crew, because theme dress-up nights are a bachelorette party staple on and off the screen. Grab your funkiest costumes and get ready to party!

Whether you’re a Stassi-stan, a Schwartz sympathizer or you’d never heard of any of these people before reading this blog post, there’s no denying the valuable (and entertaining) lessons we can glean from the many wild bachelorette parties depicted in Vanderpump Rules. From matching accessories and theme nights to keeping the fun alive with games and party favors, the Vanderpump Crew certainly does know how to throw a memorable party.

Looking for more bachelorette planning tips? Get started at BachPlace or head to for more inspo and advice!

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