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2024 Bachelorette Party Themes

Written by
Elle Gennis
Published on
February 2, 2024

Every soon-to-be bride aspires to make her bachelorette party stand out as the epitome of chic and uniqueness, particularly when it feels like another friend is celebrating one every month. The prevalence of social media platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest has made it easy for bachelorette gatherings to feel overdone and outdated. 

But rest assured! At BachPlace, our mission is to simplify your role as the party planner. 

We've curated a list of seven up-and-coming bachelorette party themes to fit every future-bride’s style, complete with activity ideas and decor inspiration, available for direct booking through BachPlace. Get inspired to be a trendsetter, not merely a trend follower, and let your bachelorette celebration radiate originality and style!

Club Bachelorette

It seems like the patriarchy isn’t going anywhere so it’s time to channel your inner trophy wife with a country club-themed bachelorette soire. Brand the entire weekend with a personalized signet to put on tote bags and crewnecks for your squad to hold on to. Don on your cutest tennis skirt or dress and play pickleball to start training for those long days when the kids are at school and the hubby’s at work. Sip some Veuve and dine on caviar and Crème fraîche. And don’t forget to flirt with the cute pool boys

The End of an Era

There’s no question that you’re the queen of your bachelorette weekend but if TSwift is your queen for the other 364 days out of the year, you might consider hosting a Taylor Swift-themed party. Lean into everything sparkling and bejeweled. Ask your guests to dress as their favorite Taylor Swift era, make custom beaded bracelets with cute and funny phrases, and shake it up with a Taylor Swift-themed cocktail making class

The Last Slumber Party

For us, the epitome of girlhood was staying up late with our best friends at a sleepover, watching Grease, eating popcorn, and putting on facemasks. So it only feels right to elevate this fond memory as you bid adieu to girlhood and welcome married-womanhood. Picture matching silk pajama sets, glasses of Prosecco (with custom labels) flowing, and a lineup of all the best romcoms. 

Enchanted Garden

Garden parties and elevated picnics have become quite the trend this year for wedding themes, but we think this would be a great bachelorette party theme as well! Create a fairy-tale atmosphere with lush greenery, twinkling lights, and whimsical floral arrangements. Arrange a flower crown workshop, allowing guests to choose their flowers and craft a crown to wear throughout the festivities.

Camp Bachelorette

For those of you who loved The Parent Trap’s camp scenes growing up but lately, have started to identify more with Meredith than Halley or Annie, a camping (or glamping) themed bachelorette party might be for you! Combine the luxury of a spa retreat with the adventure of camping. Relax in glamorous tents (that still have running water and a full-length mirror), gossip and roast marshmallows around cozy campfires and take on fun camp activities like kayaking and water tubing! Find a complete list of bachelorette party games here

Wellness Retreat

Considering the growing trend towards alcohol-free, health-focused lifestyles, a wellness-focused bachelorette weekend may just be the biggest new bachelorette party trend of the coming year. Opt for a bachelorette weekend focused on wellness, featuring activities like yoga, spa treatments, and healthy cuisine at a picturesque destination. Create a serene environment by encouraging guests to disconnect from technology. Incorporate mindfulness activities like meditation, yoga, or spa treatments for a tranquil celebration.

Wifey Wine Weekend

Whether you're a natural wine girlie or a classic French wine connoisseur, nothing screams Girl’s Trip like a trip to wine country. Take a wine-tasting tour through scenic vineyards, sipping on unique varietals accompanied by light charcuterie and cheese bites. Don your finest tea dresses in floral patterns and bright colors for a sophisticated touch.

Feeling inspired yet? Start planning the ultimate bachelorette party here!

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