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Meet the planners, learn our story, and discover the passion that powers every bachelorette celebration we help craft.

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From Dreamy Visions to Unforgettable Bachelorette Moments, We Craft Celebrations That Last a Lifetime.

Who We Are and What We Do

BachPlace is a booking platform for bachelorette party planners. We empower hundreds of planners with a universal planning tool and curated marketplace for the cities that we currently operate in. BachPlace is run by 2 type-A planners with a dream to make planning fun for everyone.

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Our story

The Journey to BachPlace

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Our Passion

Who Are We?

Danielle is the go-to-planner of every friend group. Starting with prom, to Spring Break trips, to every other friend group trip in Europe, Asia, or the States, Danielle has always been obsessed with travel.

The Inspiration

Where did the idea come from?

When 4 of my best friends got engaged in the same year (yay!), it was only fitting that every one of them asked me to plan their bachelorette party. Being the "planner" friend, I was excited to get started but I did not expect to have to plan 4 in 6 months!

At first I was so excited! But then I felt super overwhelmed - I felt like everyone’s happiness was my responsibility and on top of that I had to stick to a budget, in cities I did not know so well all while making sure the weekend was perfect for my brides-to-be… It was stressful!

That’s when it hit me - there must be a better way to plan these bachelorette weekends, and that’s when BachPlace was created.

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Danielle and Noy, founders of BachPlace, celebrating on a boat with a large group of 20 bachelorette party-goers wearing festive Hawaiian lei necklaces.
Our Commitment

Why BachPlace?

We’ve developed relationships with the most trusted and relevant bachelorette party vendors to ensure that your bach is one to remember.

The generic lists you find online don’t always speak to everyone, and that’s why we are here. We’ve done the work for you. Wedding dresses are not one size fits all and neither should a bachelorette!

We are like that “older sister” who is there for you every step of the way (extra layer of security) making sure you do not forget a thing!

Highlight achievements by the numbers

Our milestones serve as pivotal markers on the journey to becoming the go-to platform for bachelorette party planning. These figures are more than just numbers; they represent the trust, commitment, and satisfaction that are integral to the BachPlace experience.

Parties Planned
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Our values

The Core of BachPlace

Guiding our every move and shaping unforgettable bachelorette experiences.

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Personalized Planning

Every bride-to-be and her celebration are unique. That's why we focus on personalized bachelorette party planning. We reject generic templates to ensure each event resonates individually.

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Trusted Relationships

Our handpicked vendors are more than just partners; they're an extension of the BachPlace family. We prioritize quality, trustworthiness, and relevance to offer nothing but the best.

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Empowerment & Support

We believe in empowering every planner with the tools and knowledge to create magical moments. Like a reliable older sibling, we're here to guide, ensuring nothing gets overlooked.


BachPlace Insights

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We've curated a list of seven up-and-coming bachelorette party themes to fit every future-bride’s style, complete with activity ideas and decor inspiration, available for direct booking through BachPlace. Get inspired to be a trendsetter, not merely a trend follower, and let your bachelorette celebration radiate originality and style!
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