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Before Brides Wear White, They Look For Green

Bridal Party Shirt Venmo QR Code,

I recently read a Wall Street Journal article about the latest “Venmo the Bride” trend, where brides-to-be turn to strangers to pay for their drinks during their bachelorette weekend! Simply put, the bachelorette planner creates a sign with her payment info (on the side of a car, on a sticker with a QR code, or on a digital photo) in hopes that someone passing by will be in a generous mood and transfer money to cover a shot or a drink!

Check out what these women did:

Source:, Marthas Vineyard Bridesmaids Get Clever to Celebrate Bride

Asking random people for money - does it work?

Yes, it does! “It depends on where you are, how much you push, and what mood people are in that day,” says Ariel, a bride-to-be who used effie to plan her bachelorette. One upcoming bride, Nicole Rhodes, collected over $450 via hundreds of $1 and $5 Venmo transfers. Other planners and brides have collected $1,000+ in less than a few hours, just by sharing their Venmo handle and a cute message. One bride created a video on TikTok, and ended up with over $3,000 in her bank account. Talk about generous TikTok users!

Tiktok: @fabuuulyss

If everyone does this, how do I stand out?

If your bachelorette party happens to be in the next year, you have a lot of competition for these Venmo transfers. But don’t worry - there is still room for creativity. Some women have gone as far as printing big letters on t-shirts and jackets to get others' attention, while others are combining this with other trends to really stand out. Women are utilizing trends such as popular Netflix shows, memes, and celebrity icons to boost their visibility. Spend a few hours in Nashville, New Orleans, or Austin, and you will get all types of inspiration!

Men - don’t worry, you can also take part! Wal-Mart has this special shirt for you:

Etsy artists have hopped on to the trend, creating hundreds of both printed and digital templates available for purchase. If you prefer a free version, you can do so in 3 steps:

  1. Change your Venmo name (ex. Jillsbirdbach)

  2. Paste your Venmo QR code onto a word doc and write your new Venmo name beside it

  3. Print them and go crazy!

We at effie are helping bachelorette planners across the US plan unforgettable weekends. If you know someone who needs an extra pair of hands planning their bachelorette party, please forward them to our website and sign-up form.

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