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2022: the year of $12,000 bachelorette weekends

Why are bachelorette guests spending more money than ever before?

  1. Inflation

  2. Airlines jacking up their prices

  3. The need to one-up every other bachelorette on social media

If you guessed all of them - you are correct!

Bachelorettes have become so crazy that 1 out of every 2 bachelorette guests takes on credit card debt to attend a bach weekend.*

The reason for this debt is caused by 2 factors: (1) Peer pressure to spend more money than originally budgeted for, and (2) increased unexpected spending during the actual bachelorette weekend itself.**

Corie Wagner, an analyst at says that “everything ‘wedding related’ in our society is getting bigger, better, and crazier”

2022 Spending Stats

  • The median bach price is $1500 USD (up from $1400 in 2021)

  • International bach’s average more than $2000/weekend

  • 2/3 guests fly to their bach destination

  • 20% of bachs last 4 days or more

What about bachelor parties - are they on the same level?

While it may seem like women spend more because of the extravagant themes and customized decorations, men actually spend more money!


Although most bachelor parties do not include extravagant spa retreats and over-the-top decorations, these weekends do include activities like golf, casinos, and sporting events which become way more expensive.

So what does this mean for me?

At effie, one of the first things we do is talk about the budget. If you are a party of 14, there are most likely a few people who cannot afford to do everything. Whether you are trying to be inclusive of all guests or allowing anyone to opt out of certain activities, let’s look at some cash-saving ideas:

  1. Travel during the off-season or book early. Booking flights and accommodation 4+ months in advance can save $500+ per person.

  2. Eat a meal at home. Skipping one restaurant can save $80+ a person when you consider food, drinks, and a tip. A fun pizza-making night at the Airbnb is equally as good and can save everyone money!

  3. Look for deals. Whether you are searching on Instagram or just looking online, you can save $100+ depending on the size of the group.

  4. Find free activities. Sometimes, the best things in life are free. Look for things like popular hiking spots, farmer's markets, or even drag shows at a local bar. This could save you $50 per guest!

  5. Pregame before your night out. We do this at home, so why shouldn’t we do it during the bach?! Savings depend on the person, averaging $10-15 per drink. You do the math!

  6. DIY Decorations. Yes, the decorations from amazon and insta-worthy and so fun. But do you really need everything? There are easy DIY decorations you can make yourself and can save the group over $200

  7. Conservative Budgeting. Adding a “Slush Fund” to your budget helps cover additional costs which you might encounter during the weekend - this way guests are not paying out of pocket during the trip.

Planning a bachelorette soon? Check out these top 2022 destinations!


  • West Coast: Napa, Scottsdale, Las Vegas

  • North East: The Hamptons, New York City

  • Midwest: Cleveland, Milwaukee

  • South: Nashville, New Orleans, Charleston, Miami


  • Tulum, Mexico

  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  • Cartagena, Colombia

  • Negril, Jamaica

Effie is an online tool and marketplace for bachelorette planners to create unforgettable experiences. Right now we are in beta mode and are offering our concierge service for free.

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effie - the #1 bachelorette planning tool!

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